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Brave Sis Project

2023 digital Brave Sis Journey-Journal Planner

2023 digital Brave Sis Journey-Journal Planner

This is a digital pdf download like nothing you've ever seen!

Unfamiliar with digital journal and reader apps? Click the How-To here.

The digital journal has some extra goodies: one day per page. You can also print the pages and use it as a traditional "printable" planner!

The digital journal is fully hyperlinked for easy navigation with POTENTIAL FOR INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION: checklists, trackers, note pages, and blank pages to embellish as you wish. With digital apps, you can add photos, stickers, and other web content, making this a personalized scrapbook and journal as well as day planner!

What's inside this 493-page document!

  • !2 months of Brave Sis Foremother Portraits
  • At-a-glance yearly page (hyperlinked and also fillable)
  • Monthly overview pages
  • Daily pages (365)

And templates:

  • Planning for Daily Bravery – daily overview page
  • Days of Note – two-page overview of each month for anniversaries and other key dates
  • Daily Reflection Page – set intentionalities in the morning and reflect back on your day in the evening
  • This Brave Day 1 – daily planning page format
  • This Brave Day 2 – open-format daily planning page
  • My Vision Board! – a dotted page
  • Lined Notes 
  • Grid Notes 
  • Grateful Sis – blank gratitude page
  • Blank page 
  • Just Do it, Sis! - a handy to-do list
  • Bucket/Manifestation List – for your dreams and ideas
  • Weekly planner – map out priorities, schedules, etc.
  • Checklist 
  • Weekly Habit Tracker 
  • Prioritize Self-Care – day by day tracker
  • A Month of Self-Care – track your self-care regimen
  • One-Month Progress Tracker – keep track of your goals over one month
  • 30-Days of Prioritizing Me – a tracker to make sure your self-care regimen goes from idea to habit!
  • Monthly Sleep Tracker – commit to it and monitor how sleep impacts your mood
  • Health Tracker – customize as you wish (use the key grid to color code activities, then use your stylus to fill in the heart (sometimes you may end up making rainbow fill-ins!) “Baseline” can be customized as a period tracker, or any another monthly baseline)
  • Logging my Wellness – track wellness goals, organized by week
  • Meditation / Prayer Tracker note your practice, what you focused on, and how (hopefully) it brought peace and perspective to your mind and soul
  • Therapy/Support Tracker – whether a therapist, a clergy member, a great friend, a mentor, or ... monitor your emotional, spiritual, or psychological wellness and growth
  • 100-Day Challenge – like the Brave Sis Foremothers, if you set your mind to something, you can do it
  • I Love It! – track favorite products, cosmetics, tools, clothing, etc. ...
  • I Saw It, I Read It, I Love It! – track favorite books, movies, podcast episodes, whatever!
  • I Read It, I Learned It, I Love It! – jot down quotes and other words of wisdom you want to keep close by
  • Meal Planner/Tracker – plan/track your meals and nutrition
  • Negative to Positive Thinking – purposefully switch to positivity!
  • Shopping List
  • Health Supplies Refill List – for medicines, remedies, lotions and potions that support your health and well-being
  • Important Days – two consecutive pages for noting birthdays, anniversaries, deadline, or any recurring milestone or activity you want to track
  • 2023 Full Calendar – not hyperlinked, but an at-a-glance of this year
  • 2024 Full Calendar - not hyperlinked, but an at-a-glance of next year, for planning purposes

Important: your purchase allows ONE digital download. I recommend you download to your computer or tablet directly. You may copy and paste the download to more than one of your PERSONAL devices. PLEASE do not share the download with others; I work hard on the Brave Sis Project, don't rip me off!

This material is my intellectual property, so ⛔ YOU MAY NOT resell this in ANY DIGITAL FORMAT. Please do not give the file away. ⛔ 

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