About Us

Consumers looking to purchase from Black-owned businesses have to work too hard. They rely on “featured” brands on large platforms (Amazon, Etsy, DoorDash), word-of-mouth referrals, fragmented localized lists,  Black history month or Juneteenth. In short, an individual has to overcome significant friction to purchase from Black-owned businesses by visiting numerous websites and/or apps. 

BuyBlack.org is extending its directory functionality so that people are not only able to discover businesses but are also able to purchase from them. “We have spent the last year developing the largest directory of Black-owned businesses and now we are leveraging that directory to bring vetted and curated merchants directly to consumers,” says David Derryck Founder and CEO of BuyBlack.org.

Our goal is to generate $100 million in revenue for businesses in the marketplace in an initial effort to address revenue disparity between Black-owned and non-Black businesses. According to Brookings, Black businesses bring in average revenues of $1.03M, compared to $6.49M for non-Black businesses. If Black businesses increased their average revenue to the level of non-Black businesses, total revenue in Black businesses will increase by $676.4B. More importantly, by spending with Black-owned businesses, consumers are directly helping to reduce the wealth inequality gap through a combination of increased profits to business owners, wages paid to local workers, goods and services procured for internal use or resale, and charitable giving within the community. “Redirecting just 1% of one’s existing spend to black entrepreneurs and businesses would strengthen the economic viability of these businesses, increase Black wealth generation in America and increase America’s overall overall economic growth,” says Derryck.