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4C Hair Clip Ins - 7 Pcs with a Free Eye Lash Extensions

4C Hair Clip Ins - 7 Pcs with a Free Eye Lash Extensions

It’s time to invest in protective styles that benefit Our Natural Hair in the long run and investing in our natural 4C clip in hair extensions is a great idea. We can now instantly give ourselves the length we need to showcase the most beautiful, realistic hairstyles with stylish 4C clip in hair extensions. The convenience of this natural hair clips 4C style gives the freedom to change between styles, deciding whether you want to wear them short or long.

4C Hair Clip-Ins start with the back half of your head the section behind the ears up to the top of the crown and divide into horizontal layers, layer the medium and large pieces based on your head shape. Then install the smallest pieces along your front sections in horizontal layers. Start around the eyebrow line and work your way up. Don’t go too far up towards the crown, or the tracks might show through!

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Can be cut, dyed, straightened and curled using hot hair tools.
  • Perfect for everyday use!



4C Hair Clip Ins - 7 Pcs with a Free Eye Lash Extensions


    • Change Color-  Can be washed, heat styled, and dyed like your own hair
    • Hair Style- Easily make any simple braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and intricate.
    • No Damage-  Causes absolutely zero damage to your natural hair
    • Ease of Use- It takes a very short time to clip in and take out, super easy to use!


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