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Good Biome Complete Collection Bundle | Itchy Scalp Solutions

Good Biome Complete Collection Bundle | Itchy Scalp Solutions

Want everything all bundled up for you? Get all of our amazing scalp and face serum products & save more! Scalp oil for relief and protection, best-selling drops to help exfoliate and calm, facial serum and soothing face mists to brighten & smooth.

Good Biome Scalp Solution

Tried product after product, scalp oil after scalp oil, and not getting what you're looking for?  Our best-seller & new scalp-care staple is our Good Biome Scalp Solution! It's a freshly-scented herbal liquid leave-in featuring probiotic bioactives to help relieve the appearance of rough scales and flakes fast, while helping to relieve incessant itch! It's lightweight, nongreasy, and comes in various phthalate scents like coconut, praline, and magnolia or none at all and keep it herbal. It's enjoyed by a diverse group of repeat customers! 

Amino and fatty acids help renew skin while keeping it freshly scented! May be used on other sensitive skin areas. Spray-top sold separately. May also be used on colored hair and chemically-treated hair. 

Good Biome Scalp Renew Shampoo

This deep-cleaning shampoo features nourishing, soothing bioactives that are invigorating to the scalp with follicle-stimulating peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary while supporting the skin barrier with probiotic ferments, argan, white willow bark, black pepper, rice protein, and rosemary! Provitamin B5, biotin, and honey add shine, softness, and pliability without greasiness!

Good Biome Scalp Solution 2.7 fl oz

Good Biome Prebiotic Scalp Oil 2 fl oz

Good Biome Face Solution 2 fl oz

Good Biome Toning Mist 2 fl oz

Good Biome Glow Mist 2 fl oz

Good Biome Shampoo 12 oz & Conditioner 12oz

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