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Bea’s Bayou Skincare

Good Biome Prebiotic Get Glowing Setting Mist | Microbiome-friendly

Good Biome Prebiotic Get Glowing Setting Mist | Microbiome-friendly

Sunshine in a bottle! This facial mist was made to target problematic & highly sensitive skin! It is gentle enough to use day or evening and can be used to prime and set skin when applying makeup. Get that healthy radiance! Microbiome-conscious! Low on the comedogenic scale (won't clog pores).



aloe vera, purified deionized water, biome-friendly blend, calendula oil, black walnut extract, lavender oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose, Vitamin B5, orange oil, organic coconut-derived vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, witch hazel, radish root (prebiotic)

Skin Benefits:

✔ Aloe Vera Juice: cooling, helps fade scars, & is a source of salicylic acid 

✔ Prebiotic: Help protect skin's defenses, increase moisture retention
✔ Calendula: helps calm irritated skin and known to help protect collagen and elastin supply
✔ Black Walnut: highly beneficial ingredient to strengthen skin's defenses
✔ Rosehip: Oh yes moisture-retention! Packed with vitamins A & E
✔ Evening Primrose: Smooths skin textures, helps with elasticity, dryness, irritation, roughness and aging skin
✔ Orange Oil: Calm skin that shines bright like you!
✔ Hemp Seed: Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 which adds in skin suppleness!
✔ Vitamin B5: Super soothing & calming!
✔ Glycerin: Helps lock in your skin's natural moisture!
✔ Witch Hazel: helps clarify, tighten, and tone pores, helps decrease oil and redness, helps balance skin


Shake well! Spray mist on face for a refreshing, balancing penetration of moisture for calm skin with a healthy glow. More spray results in more glow! Allow to air-dry or press into skin. Leaves skin supple & hydrated! You may even decide to use it over your make-up to help set the make-up, proving a healthy glow and combating outbreaks on the skin.

How To Use

1st - Wash face with gentle cleanser
Optional - Use a deep-pore cleanser (I use an astringent if I've been stressing my skin)
2nd - Bea's Bayou RePHresh Toning Mist
3rd - Bea's Bayou Face Solution
Optional - Your usual serum
4th - Your favorite moisturizer
5th - Glow Mist (or your make-up & THEN glow mist)

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